Farm Sunrise

Farm sunrise

“Farm Sunrise” (c)Gracie K. Harold 2017


Lightgathering PM & AM

I couldn’t resist this extra post today.

I took photographs last night of the sunset in Zeeland,MI and

then today, I captured the sunrise in Zeeland.

I’m struck by the similarities between the two sets.

I’ve labeled them “Lightgathering” because in Ancient Hebrew culture, the sunrise and sunset were

called “lightgathering”.

It’s poetic and beautiful.

Enjoy the gallery, especially knowing that each take is unedited.

The shots were all taken on my Canon Coolpix L330, using the sunset setting.

I did not add any filters or looks.



According to Jeff Benner at Ancient Hebrew Research Center,

Ancient Hebrew culture viewed light as the equivalent of “order”.

Sunrise and sunset are viewed as “the gathering of light”.

I don’t know about you, but today, I need to see it, to be reminded that He gathers the light, that He created light, which means that He created ORDER out of chaos.

Check out the Mechanical translation of Genesis here.

If you need a reminder, view the gallery below.

I am choosing to trust that He who gathers the light will bring my life into order.

May He embrace you tenderly, and may your heart be strengthened today to know that you are loved.

May our lives be ordered and light-filled.



On this groggy yet beautiful Monday, when I feel exhilarated and weary all at once, I am taking a moment to step back from the things that are seeking to clutter up my mind…instead, I choose to fix my eyes on the creator of beauty.  I choose in this moment to give him an ovation, not just with my hands, but with my life.

Today, may I usher HIS beauty and goodness into the lives of those around me, and may I securely rest in the beauty of HIS goodness and love.

May you do the same.


©Gracie K Harold 2015

A Heart-Full Experience


Don Charisma© of Don Charisma©org
recently asked what we think of when we hear the word “heart”.  The following is my answer:

Heart. Chutzpah. Desire.  The images dance in my mind.  Obviously, I think of my husband and children.  Memories of deceased loved ones flicker across my consciousness.   I think of grandpapa getting me up early in the morning at the cottage,  just before the sun inched one glimmer of light above the horizon.  I recall the dampness of the morning fog on the lake as we rowed out into the middle of it.  Satisfied with our position, grandpapa would gently whisper, “Are you ready? Sit still, don’t talk, and just wait.”

It would take all of my willpower to be still and quiet; but my curiosity would win out.  Silently we sat; absorbing the sights, sounds and scents of the foggy predawn when a shadow loomed overhead.  A Blue Heron swooped down, skimming  the lake for its morning meal.  I sat in transfixed wonder as the magnificent birds continued the pattern almost like a well-choreographed ballet.  When it was time to head back to shore, the sunrise colors exploded over the lake as the fog rolled over the ripples left in the water by grandpapa’s oars.

This memory is called to mind, because of his willingness to share his heart with me.  Blue Herons were his favorite bird, and watching them is what filled his heart with wonder.  I think of grandpapa’s undying appreciation for childlike awe.  I think of how full my heart  was on those mornings, and of how I can pour that same fullness into others; simply by inviting them to experience what makes my heart full.