Vacation Gone Awry Part 2

In my last posts “Thankful Thursday” and “Vacation Gone Awry“,  I began to detail our recent adventures in Chicago.  The following post will continue our journey:

After our delicious meal and World Cup enjoyment at Timothy O’Toole’s Pub (not to mention the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale™ that would have left the @ReformedPubcast speechless);  we headed out to Michigan Avenue for some intense window shopping.

(c)Gracie K. Harold 2014

(c)Gracie K. Harold 2014


(c)Gracie K. Harold 2014

(c)Gracie K. Harold 2014






The boys were thrilled to discover the multi-story pinnacle of their sportswear longings!   Then we found the girls’ dream store!

(c)Gracie K. Harold 2014

(c)Gracie K. Harold 2014


We were officially ready to “veg”, so we headed back to Embassy Suites Chicago Lakefront.  Check out our nighttime view!

"Suite View PM"  (c)Gracie K. Harold 2014

“Suite View PM”
(c)Gracie K. Harold 2014

From the kids (c)Gracie K. Harold 2014

From the kids
(c)Gracie K. Harold 2014

We couldn’t believe it when the fireworks started at Navy Pier!

(The next photo is taken from one of the beds in our suite!)


"Suite View Fireworks" (c)Gracie K. Harold 2014

“Suite View Fireworks”
(c)Gracie K. Harold 2014

We eventually went to sleep, exhausted from a day that was filled with adventure, twists and turns!

The next morning, we were beyond pleased with the complimentary breakfast at Embassy Suites.

Look at the deliciousness!

Embassy Suites Chicago Lakefront Breakfast (c)Gracie K. Harold 2014

Embassy Suites Chicago Lakefront Breakfast
(c)Gracie K. Harold 2014

5 kids, 2 adults and complimentary all-you-can-eat breakfast is the perfect combination!

After swimming in the gorgeous pool, we checked out; checked our bags, and were delighted to learn that the porters had located us a taxi van so we could all ride together!

Tomorrow’s post will continue our Chicago Getaway.


Why being a man is better. A slightly sarcastic post by James.

The following is a guest post (in honor of Father’s day); by my husband James:

A quick something about me.  I love God (Yahweh), my beautiful wife Gracie, and our 6 children. I am a bit sarcastic and use lots of one-liner’s.  I like beer; dark is my favorite but I don’t discriminate against light beers.

@ShortsBrewing, @reformedpubcast, @foundersbrewing; @AngryOrchard, thank you for some deliciousness in life!

@ShortsBrewing, @reformedpubcast, @foundersbrewing; @AngryOrchard, thank you for some deliciousness in life!

I think God gave us beer for our enjoyment but not to abuse.  I like talking through theology while enjoying a good beer; that’s one of the reasons why we like @reformedpubcast on twitter.

One of my love languages is joking with people…just ask Gracie.  We have a constant running joke in our house, which consists of me saying, “Yet another reason why being a man is better than being a woman.”  I am totally joking with this, but I like to wait for a weird moment when we are together and just say a random number and give a reason.  Gracie laughs at me every time.

Some examples follow:

Reason #5: Have you ever walked down the hairspray aisle with the objective of finding the perfect product? Being a man is better.

Reason #67  why being a man is better; I can go to the bathroom by myself while in public settings.

Reason #55: As a man, I don’t have to try on 95 outfits in order to find 2 that fit.  This frees up lots of time for other things.  (Seriously, we need to find a store that serves beer to men while their wives try on clothes…I’m just sayin’…)

But all joking aside, I thank God for Gracie.  I couldn’t do life without her.  God knew us men.  We need help and partnership; otherwise known as relationship.  We are after all made in the image of a relational God.

I want to challenge you to take a moment to think of your relationships and be thankful for the people who are there to help, encourage, and cheer you on; as you continue on in your journey.

May God bless you and your relationships.  Whether it be marriage or friendship; HE always provides us with someone there to help us.