Shaken… And Stirred

My life is shaken,  stirred,  heated, and pressed down.  BUT WE STILL STAND.  In the last three months; the following has occurred: 

1. My knee was clinically found to be too atrophied for a total knee replacement; resulting in an endless cycle of physical therapy to strengthen my leg but pain after the attempt,  leaving me to pained to strengthen it.  

2. An undeserved, shocking and supernatural healing… Without surgery.  I had been a spoiled rotten brat that week,  whining and complaining; and simply over it.  That Sunday at church,  they asked if anyone needed prayer for their hip or back.  I hadn’t even told my husband that my hips were off by 2 inches. I received prayer,  and my hips had no pain,  neither did my back.  A couple friends of ours asked to pray for my knee.  I shrugged and said OK,  even though I was skeptical and butter in my heart.  I thought,  “It’s not going to do any good,  but go ahead.” I was instantly convicted of my lack of faith.  I asked God to forgive me,  and I said,  “Jesus,  I want to believe; help now my unbelief!” I felt pain as they prayed,  I felt my knee cap return to its proper place,  and I felt warmth in my quad muscle.     I walked out of church without crutches.  When I walked into Physical Therapy on Monday,  my leg strength was 3 times stronger than it had been on Friday.  I can’t explain it,  other than Jesus was merciful.  

  I don’t know why I was healed,  and why others have not been healed.  I do know that it’s a question I will wrestle with throughout the rest of my life.  

I know that my knee being healed doesn’t guarantee a life filled with perfectly beautiful scenarios.  This leads me to the next numbers.  

3. We received 20 hours notice to evict from our rental house.  

4. After more than a month,  we are still waiting for the rental that our hearts are set on to be available for us… Just a few more moving pieces. 

5. One of our sons hit a tree while sledding and blacked out,  fully unconscious. His concussion was severe.  A combination of prayer,  chiropractic care and rest had resulted in yet another recovery.  

6. We were given a second car at a very good price. 

7. Said car broke down and awaits repairs.  

Do you see the pattern? Good,  bad,  good…. 

That is how I once viewed it.  

I am no longer emotionally controlled by the situations in life! 

Jesus promised us that “In this life you will have trouble,  but take heart,  I have overcome the world!” Jn. 16:33

We will have trouble. 

Any time that healing occurs,  

Or Beauty is discovered;

That is PROOF 

That God is Here. 

Be still 

and Know 


He Is God.



Thankful Thursday – Lilacs and Healing

I am thankful that

God heals memories.

Lilacs were once my favorite flowers,

until they were

ruined by my first husband’s choices.

You can read about how their fragrance only held mockery for me


However, starting that day, in that chapter of my life,

lilacs have reminded me of happy childhood days

and nights.

When my son and I visited Mackinaw Island on a field trip,

everyone went out of their way on the Island to make us feel like royalty.

The scent of lilacs accompanied us everywhere we went.

On many of our walks in Holland, James and I have been pleased

to catch their familiar fragrance wafting over.

Recently on our trip up north,

I marveled at how often we were surprised

to discover wild lilacs.

Their heady fragrance was almost intoxicating as I smiled

and genuinely

celebrated my healing.

My heart was no longer scarred or shackled.

Instead, I discovered that it has been stretched

to hold more love than I ever imagined.

I only wish that I could somehow

post their beautiful fragrance

online for you.

May your scars be healed, may your heart be stretched and never shackled,

and may love and goodness

heal your wounds.


Gracie K.

McGulpin Point Overflow Lilacs

McGulpin Point Overflow Lilacs

McGulpin Point Overflow Lilacs

McGulpin Point Overflow Lilacs