“Scars are a reminder that healing has taken place.” – (c)Gracie K. Harold 2014

The most profound thing was discovered by my surgeon during my recent hysterectomy.

Before I divulge the discovery, however, I need to share an event that preceded surgery.

I had been doubled over in pain for weeks; and I was on my 5th round of antibiotics.

James and I attended church despite the pain.

After the service, there was an invitation to be prayed for; and James and I met our friend John up front.

Together, John and James held my shoulders as John began to pray that I would be healed.

As we prayed, I felt so loved and accepted and I knew that God is a loving Father; I felt assured that he approves of me and is proud of me; not because of what I’ve done but because I’m HIS.

I felt the sensation of warmth inside my abdomen, right where the pain was.

It felt like a hot tub was bubbling inside of me!

My pain went away, and even though I continued to have exhausting days mixed with good ones, the constant pain was gone.

While I was in the recovery room post-op; my surgeon met with James and asked him who had treated my Endometriosis.

James was confused, as he had no idea what the Dr. was talking about.

The next morning, my surgeon came in to do my discharge exam.

I told him about the prayer at church and he said, “That explains it then.  Your uterus showed scarring over the Endometriosis, as if it had been surgically treated.  Huh.”

I realized that my scars are a reminder that healing has taken place.

May we always see our scars as proof of healing, and may we always rest in His great love for us…and be engulfed!

Engulfed (c)Gracie K. Harold 2014

Engulfed (c)Gracie K. Harold 2014