Love More. Fear less.

This Spring, James and I went to Chicago, Nevada, and California.  We went to encourage friends and family who were out in California. We also went so that I could intentionally forgive and heal from so many painful memories and humiliations that I had suffered in those places through my first marriage.

We were invited to attend Fearless LA, a gathering of people who admit that their only hope is found in Jesus Christ.  It also happens to meet in Exchange LA, the “it” nightclub in LA.

They have other sites, as well, but this location was exactly where we needed to be on this particular day.

Their mantra is, “Love more, Fear less”.

It’s based on I John 4:18:

There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear, because fear involves punishment. The one who fears has not been perfected in love.

(Berean Study Bible translation)

For me, I went on the trip with all the gritty determination to rid myself of the demons from my past. Before we left, an elder from our church challenged us to “Lay aside all of your expectations and simply expect that Jesus Christ would be glorified.”  We did.

Gone were my expectations of doing this incredible service and brave act for God, as I deliberately and intentionally visited so many hurtful places.

I never imagined that I would so tenderly be healed from so many memories and humiliations. I knew that Jesus Christ is good, and kind. I knew that Yahweh is attentive to all our humiliations, I just never expected to be so specifically and intentionally encouraged.

So many ways that would only be a specific gift to me…

I have been amazed as I marvel that the God of the Universe and the Creator of the Cosmos pays all that attention to “Li’l old me.”

I challenge you, beloved ones.

I dare you!

Lay down all expectation, and simply ask that Jesus Christ be glorified in your life. Then hang on as He tenderly and intentionally shows you specifically that HE SEES YOU!

Love more. Fear less.


Love More. #FearlessLA 




Sturgeon Bay, MI

Sturgeon Bay, MI close

Sturgeon Bay, MI 

Sturgeon Bay, Mi

Sturgeon Bay, Mi 2

I was driving us on North Lakeshore Drive, Emmet County, MI; when we caught these breathtaking views. We were north of Cross Village. James captured them well! Sturgeon Bay is a part of the lake shore that I hope to explore more of, whether it be swimming, hiking, or simply relaxing.

Lightgathering PM & AM

I couldn’t resist this extra post today.

I took photographs last night of the sunset in Zeeland,MI and

then today, I captured the sunrise in Zeeland.

I’m struck by the similarities between the two sets.

I’ve labeled them “Lightgathering” because in Ancient Hebrew culture, the sunrise and sunset were

called “lightgathering”.

It’s poetic and beautiful.

Enjoy the gallery, especially knowing that each take is unedited.

The shots were all taken on my Canon Coolpix L330, using the sunset setting.

I did not add any filters or looks.


Headlands International Dark Sky Park

We were only able to visit

the park

during the day, but

it was well worth the visit!

The beauty in this park is far-flung on a grand scale!

The Headlands International Dark Sky Park

just received

approval for an incredible

project, which you can read about here

We cannot wait to visit again…after dark, so we can capture

even more incredible shots!

Below are some of the daytime


that resonate with beauty.



McGulpin Point Lighthouse

McGulpin Point is a true gem on the Michigan Coastline!

McGulpin Point Lighthouse

McGulpin Point Lighthouse

It is a very short drive out from Mackinaw City,

and the tour was FREE!

The volunteers and staff were friendly, helpful, and informative.

My gallery is below, but if you ever get the chance,

visit for yourself.

The lighthouse has been kept up immaculately well, it was a beautiful home!

We watched a sobering yet intriguing film about lives lost on the Great Lakes.

We were able to climb the spiral steps and soak in the magnificent view!

Trust me, view my pics, but it is well worth the visit!

More information can be found here.

(They also are a wealth of information for school projects!)


Thankful Thursday – Lilacs and Healing

I am thankful that

God heals memories.

Lilacs were once my favorite flowers,

until they were

ruined by my first husband’s choices.

You can read about how their fragrance only held mockery for me


However, starting that day, in that chapter of my life,

lilacs have reminded me of happy childhood days

and nights.

When my son and I visited Mackinaw Island on a field trip,

everyone went out of their way on the Island to make us feel like royalty.

The scent of lilacs accompanied us everywhere we went.

On many of our walks in Holland, James and I have been pleased

to catch their familiar fragrance wafting over.

Recently on our trip up north,

I marveled at how often we were surprised

to discover wild lilacs.

Their heady fragrance was almost intoxicating as I smiled

and genuinely

celebrated my healing.

My heart was no longer scarred or shackled.

Instead, I discovered that it has been stretched

to hold more love than I ever imagined.

I only wish that I could somehow

post their beautiful fragrance

online for you.

May your scars be healed, may your heart be stretched and never shackled,

and may love and goodness

heal your wounds.


Gracie K.

McGulpin Point Overflow Lilacs

McGulpin Point Overflow Lilacs

McGulpin Point Overflow Lilacs

McGulpin Point Overflow Lilacs