I want to be like this photograph! I don’t care if I am surrounded by tumultuous waves that crash and surge; I want to grow and persist! Even if I feel isolated in moments, I will remember that I am not alone! I will overcome the obstacles that I find myself surrounded by, and I will (by God’s grace) become a beautiful, vibrant testimony to the fact that even a seed dropped into a rocky crag, surrounded by surging water can go on to bloom…even if the waters eventually become this:


Niagara Falls (c)Gracie K Harold 2017




Enjoy the beauty found here on the farm!


Springtime on the Farm



Winter twilight (redux)


I needed to simply rest today and just get lost in this shot.   My hope is that it will also provide you with a moment’s rest!  Enjoy this snowy shot of our “Big Red” lighthouse at twilight!
     With love,
   Gracie K.


Artistry Untouched

           I was scrolling through my previous photographs,
                     and found this gem. I had to share it.  🙂


artistry untouched

                          This was taken in Holland, Michigan at
                                Holland State Park. No filter, no editing;
                                        Just #PureMichigan

Snow Scenes

Merry Christmas to you and yours

from me and  ours!

Stay safe, dear readers;

and may this holiday find you


by the

tender loving goodness of God;

who would leave perfection

to show us that

we are NEVER alone.


Gracie K.