Thankful Thursday – Algae & Moss

Moss-covered Stagnancy in Freshwater

Algae-covered Stagnancy in Freshwater

Today I am thankful for the reminder that I heard on the radio last week.

The announcer said, “I don’t want moss on my feet…I want to wear out, not give up.”

I was looking through my old photographs and I saw this.

It reminded me of that statement.

Algae grows on things that don’t move fast.

Don’t get me wrong, rest is vital.

So is growth.

You can’t grow in Christ if you never take steps of faith.

This rock is in freshwater, which means it is living water, and isn’t designed to create stagnancy.

The rock isn’t moving, though.

It’s still.

This results in it being covered in algae.

I don’t want to be inactive; I don’t want to ever stop giving to people;

or to ever become so self-focused that I only give to myself.

He created us to give His love to others…

the same love that He gave to us.

Today, I am thankful for the reminder.