Enjoy the beauty found here on the farm!


Springtime on the Farm



Artistry Untouched

           I was scrolling through my previous photographs,
                     and found this gem. I had to share it.  🙂


artistry untouched

                          This was taken in Holland, Michigan at
                                Holland State Park. No filter, no editing;
                                        Just #PureMichigan


This shot was taken at Centennial Park in Holland, MI.  Rainy days always leave me torn between puddle-jumping or burrowing in for a lazy-day nap.  This particular shot was taken on a different rainy day, but since I am home with a sick little guy today, I thought I would live vicariously through past photography jaunts. 🙂  Enjoy your day, however you spend it.  Love, Gracie K.Ripples