Crippled by Humor

I will never run again in this life. I will  never leap, spin or dance again…unless it’s a slow dance. Chasing my kids, racing them, or juking them out in soccer will not happen again.

I have spent the last weeks in alternating bouts of grief and dark humor. I have become introverted by my self-study. I’ve realized that there is not a single moment where I could have danced but I didn’t. I honestly have no regrets about any moments that could have been.

I have learned to find and cherish the gift of humor..especially in the absurd moments of life.  Life is too short to wallow in a pity party. Laughter is such a relief from the reality of all the “never agains”.

Recently, we were at an outdoor sporting event when the wind kicked up and the rain fell hard. My husband, James, quickly covered my head with the blanket we had been sitting on. We were standing in a grassy area as the wind gusts became forceful.  I quipped, “Oh sure, turn the cripple into a parasail! Be sure to grab the non-injured leg when you pull me back to land, ok?” 😉

Life is short. Laugh when you can, love others in every moment, and cry as needed. ❤


Big Red & Wings

Big Red & Wings



One thought on “Crippled by Humor

  1. Hi Gracie,

    I hope you are still blogging and sharing your thoughts. It’s only when something goes wrong in our lives that we realise just how fragile we humans are. Strength in spirit and good humour can together with good friends help guide us through dark places.


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