Some of us women are catty.  Some of us are so busy trying to jockey for respect and position that we leave others behind us in a whirlwind of hurt.  Some of us have hearts that yearn to make a difference, so we set our goals and zero in like a laser beam…forgetting the loved ones that wait for our stolen moments of attention, love and reassurance.

Some of us women have the best of intentions, but the hectic pace of life; or our own insecurities and past hurts leave our hearts calloused…so we hurt others before they can reach our hearts and hurt us.  Some of us have tongues that are razor-sharp as they spew out a barrage of criticisms.

One woman takes courage in the midst of some.  One woman who chooses the courage and grace to forgive is a brave woman indeed.  One woman who prays for balance, and seeks wisdom in when to let a project be done so that she can focus on her loved ones; she is not the current “status quo”.  One woman who deliberately sets aside sacred time for herself and her loved ones is not regularly appreciated in today’s society.  One woman who responds to razor sharp criticisms with kindness and silence is not regarded as “intelligent”, but looked down upon as weak, clumsy, and socially awkward.

I’m tired of living a half-life as some women do.

I want to be one woman who lives as some haven’t.

I want my words and demeanor to drip grace and kindness. I want forgiveness to practically ooze out of my pores when I walk into a room.  “I want to leave joy in my wake wherever I go…and never leave a room as if it were in the midst of a wake” (Quote by Larry Doornbos).  I want every single interaction with every single person in my life to leave them feeling like they have a better sense of who God is, and how deeply he loves them…not because of me; but because of Jesus loving and living through me.

I want to be the one woman who nurtures not just her children, but herself, her husband, her friends, her co-workers, the strangers in her town, and her community.

I may not ever be like some women; but Heaven help me be the One Woman.

Tulip Mix_edited


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