A wave of nostalgia sweeps over me and I remember lazy afternoons in a myriad of antique stores and flea markets, hoping to catch a glimpse of a vintage tin toy.  I snap out of my reverie and smile.  The Tom and Merrill Taylor Collection of Vintage Toys has been extended at The Holland Museum and it is delightful!


Not only is the collection immense, but there are also interactive parts to the exhibit as well.

This kid-friendly collection is heart-warming for kids of all ages!  What a sweet retreat from the hustle and bustle of life (or uncooperative weather). =)

Hopefully you will bring your friends and family for a walk down “memory lane”; and leave with new memories!

If I’m there, I promise I’ll even take turns with the wind up toys 😉

This is my fourth of seven posts in honor of The Holland Museum. The other three posts are listed below:

My Hideaway

“Lightplay” at The Holland Museum

Perspective at The Holland Museum


3 thoughts on “Toys!

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