Thankful Thursday – Fog Light

Today, I am thankful for double entendres.

It’s been a week of contradictions.

I have had food poisoning =(

and spent considerable time in the hospital.

I am thankful for the emergency room.

I needed the space away from home, and it was an emergency.

I am thankful that when James said, “in sickness and in health”, he meant it…

not simply as a cute, romantic, and antiquated notion; but literally

in my sickness,

in his health.

As he dumped and cleaned out my bucket

time after time.

It made me realize something.

I was violently ill, and helpless, and that didn’t change James’ love for me.

It wasn’t his fault that I had food poisoning, I ate the bad chicken.

Yet, when bad things happen to me in life,

I assume that God left me alone.

I blame HIM.

I wouldn’t dream of blaming James for my food poisoning,

but I would and have blamed God for everything bad that has happened in my life.

When I am ill, I blame the food poisoning.

When life goes awry, I will start blaming SIN

instead of the Creator who

made a way to clean up the mess that sin made.

English Standard Version
For while we were still weak, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly.

Romans 5:6

Fog Light 3

Fog Light 3


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