Forthright Friday – Birthdays

blue cake. I authorize this for PUBLIC DOMAIN. photo by: Gracie K Harold 2014

blue cake. I authorize this for PUBLIC DOMAIN. photo by: Gracie K Harold 2014

I was asked recently about my birthday.

Facebook(R) had announced my birthday as being on August 8.

Using a pen name is tricky.

Originally when I opened my Gracie K. Harold Facebook(R) page,

it wouldn’t allow me to make a public figure page.

I’ve tried repeatedly, and been blocked by Facebook(R) for

potential hacking, until I

contacted them

and explained my situation,

including the PPO (Personal Protection Order) number as

a reference.

Then I was allowed to have a “personal” page, but not a public figure or author page.

Most of my posts still receive the “blue line” on the edge, which, according to what I’ve read,

means that my posts can be hidden or edited at their discretion.

Seeking a public platform after surviving abuse is far from simple.

I believe that using my true birthday would allow people to connect my present book 

with my past relatives and that would endanger my family now.

I can’t afford that luxury.

The date that I picked is the day that I miscarried

our son.

When the birthday wishes arrive,

they serve as a reminder.

Samuel may not be here.

I may not have ever held him in my arms, 

but my heart will hold him forever.

I think it’s fitting that on his

birthing day,

He was welcomed and held by the Creator of the Universe.

Who knows?

Maybe he was greeted with a chorus of “Happy Birthday”.

welcomed by light

welcomed by light


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