Beautiful Truth

The following is re-posted by permission from my friends over at

Twirling through Cancer

as the title states,

it is beautiful truth, written by her mother Tammi.

Read it for yourself,

and pray for Emma!

Recently, Emma started losing her eyelashes and eyebrows. I knew this was hard for her which means it’s hard for all of us. As I was photographing her lashes, I felt God speaking to my heart. This is what He pressed upon me…for me and for some of you too…

The deceiver has spoken lies all day. That relationship? Job situation? Health issue? Child? Future plan? That hope? Hurt? God can’t be trusted with it, the enemy says.

Because he knows this: the more and more you let go– the more you walk with God in the hard, scary and the vulnerable, the more you find out how trustworthy He really is. And when you learn that, you take more faith risks, and God’s work in you is seen, and He is glorified. You learn that He can be trusted and His voice becomes the One that matters most.

When you listen closely to that most important voice, He says…
I designed you. I crafted you in the hidden place. I know every detail of you. I know what you need every single moment and I am ready to give it to you.

I know the number of hairs on your head (or eyelashes) at every moment. (Matthew 10:30) That which you aren’t even aware–that you don’t even notice, I KNOW. I know because you matter. You are my creation and I love you.

So child, that worry in your life? Lay it down. Let it fall. Let it fall carefree as if unknown, just like your hairs, because it is KNOWN to me. And if I keep track of the very hairs you loose, how much more do the very things in your heart and life concern me? Let it be my concern. I AM TRUSTWORTHY. There is no other like me, and none that love you like I do.

Twirling through cancer - Emma Dryden's photo.

Twirling through cancer – Emma Dryden’s photo. (c)on behalf of the Emma Dryden Family 2015


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