OneRepublic Meijer LPGA Concert

The Meijer LPGA tournament was held this past weekend up by us in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

OneRepublic gave a concert where the proceeds went to aid local food pantries in the area.

I won two tickets!

One of our sons, David, had tried everything to try and earn the money for two tickets

so that an adult could accompany him, and he had been very disappointed when

none of his attempts were successful.

He and I both screamed loud and long when we discovered

on Saturday morning that we were going to the concert!

I am posting some of the photos

here on my blog,

some on my Instagram account,

and most of them on my Facebook page

so that we can share some of our

incredible moments with all of you!

What an amazing time!


Thank you, Pretty Little Bow, MeijerLPGA, OneRepublic,

and of course,

STAR105.7 FM

Remember, it was all done



~Gracie K.

OneRepublic Stage Shot

OneRepublic Stage Shot

OneRepublic Sepia

OneRepublic Sepia


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