Food Stamps, Vacation, & Beauty

My previous posts have shown some of our travels recently, but they haven’t given all of the details.

About a month or so ago, we were told by our then-landlords that we had forty-five days to vacate our rental house.

We had already pushed back our vacation once, and had settled on a time frame for the second attempt.

The vacate deadline fell on the last day of our planned trip.

We had originally planned on visiting ailing relatives by plane down south…until the reality of moving bills hit home.

We were blessed abundantly by a new rental home, loads of help with our boxes, and we marveled as everything fell into place…including a dog sitter.

We had looked over our budget and decided to stay in Michigan for our time alone (without any of the six kiddos).

We were surprised again by the complete failure of our laptop (the primary source of my postings, book editing, marketing, photo editing, and pretty much my right arm).

So, we bit the bullet and bought a new PC plus tablet so that we could sync my files.

All this to say that by the time vacation rolled around, we had food stamps and about $158.00 after we put gas in the *borrowed with permission* car that we were driving.

Mercifully, the car got about 30 mpg.

We found different grocery stores and gas stations along the way that took food stamps/SNAP/Bridge/EBT cards, so we ate a LOT of bologna sandwiches, almonds, and cheese sticks.

(Thank you, IGA Foodliner!)

Our motel had complimentary breakfast included, and we knew from before that Starbucks refills your personal coffee cup for about $2.00.

So, we set out to enjoy our trip and seek out the free/inexpensive things to do in Michigan.

Fife Lake, Michigan was outlined starting hereand our two ice cream cones were less than $5.00 total.

One of the things that we enjoyed in Mackinaw City was walking through the downtown area, window-shopping, taking in the sculptures, carvings, and various art displays.

We discovered beauty as seen below.

Mackinaw City Sculpture

Mackinaw City Sculpture

Tomorrow’s post will also show the free Laser Show that we enjoyed!


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