Marsh Flowers


marsh flowers (c)Gracie K Harold 2015

I want to be a marsh flower. I want the muck and mire of what I have survived to provide nutrients for my growth and empathy for others on the same journey through grief.  I DON’T want my past to hold me down seemingly with my head under water as if I can’t get quite see daylight.
   God created us to admit the pain without wallowing in it.  It is okay to move on past the pain of the past. He is the God who redeems and liberates. We are created for freedom and beauty as our past and pains are transformed from controlling identifiers into moments that were part of our growth.
  May you gain wisdom from your pain and may your eyes be opened to see that He tenderly cares for you as you heal.  May your pain ever spur you onto growth and never hold you back.
   heb.2.10-12msg It makes good sense that the God who got everything started and keeps everything going now completes the work by making the Salvation Pioneer perfect through suffering as he leads all these people to glory.
   Beloved, be loved. Be led. Be healed. Grieve well and be strengthened. 


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