Have Faith will Travel

Sometimes, we take our faith along wherever we go, but we treat it like it’s a travel coffee cup…there if we need a shot of it, but not intended to be etched into the very fibers of our life. We make it conveniently disposable, or easy to travel with, as if we could merely hang it up for use at a later, more convenient time.
   I am guilty of trading my faith for convenience, for embracing ease of comfort in the name of “freeing myself up for other things”.
   Today, my simple prayer is that my faith would be woven into the very fiber of who I am, that I would be saturated with my faith.  I pay the same for you. Don’t just take faith to church so it can hang up on the pew for convenience…live it in your love for others. Be the love of God to others. Be loved. You are beloved. Now be love.


Have faith will travel. © GracieK Harold 2015


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