Thankful Thursday – “Liberating Lexus”

     We have had some things happen in recent weeks which have threatened our safety, and rattled our security.  It’s no secret here on my blog that despite a decade of harassment and stalking, my ex-husband has never been charged or prosecuted for his abuse.  The county that he resides in refuses to acknowledge the Personal Protection Order which my county has issued and upheld.
    Recently, despite the personal protection order, and possibly as an attempt at intimidation due to my stepping out in leadership roles, our personal information was obtained by him.
    So, James and I prayed for wisdom in how to best secure our family. I can shoot ambidextrously, and hit the bullseye or in close proximity most shots, but with so many kids in and out of our house, we just didn’t have peace about purchasing a gun at this stage in our lives.  (Even though I honestly miss the shooting range! 🙂 )
   So, we sought out information from a local animal shelter. We attended an adoption event and fell hard for a beautiful full size terrier.
   After our required three day weekend of fostering her, we were delighted to adopt her. As I was signing adoption papers, I discovered her sad story.
   A deputy with an Irish last name was called to condemn a house. Upon arrival, he found Lexus and a bunch of cats, she was covered in fleas and in poor nutrition. He immediately took her to the emergency shelter, where she was treated for fleas, given antibiotics, and started to improve. A few months later we entered her life, and on St. Patrick’s Day, I signed her papers.
  That’s the second time an Irish person has “liberated” her 😉
    She’s a quick learner, a loyal protector, and a loving pet. A few times already, she has successfully intimidated some strangers who were making us uncomfortable.
    We’re patiently teaching her gentleness, and helping her learn how to overcome her rough past. After the papers were signed, we came home, and she was skittish after being back to visit her former shelter.
   I sat on the floor, and this bulky thirty plus pounds of dog
curled up on my lap and slept for an hour. It reminded me that we all need a safe place to rest when we are afraid.
  Today, I am thankful that my family and I can rest in God’s lap, no matter if we ever see justice on earth, or the injustice continues on.
    God has provided us with abundant provision, extra hours of work for James, and protection in the form of an intimidating dog.
    The kids and I are healing even as we reassure this sweet survivor of a creature that “it’s okay, you’re safe now in a new home, and you are loved”.
    Maybe, just maybe, our liberating Lexus was another step in His liberation of us.
What are you thankful for?


Safe puppy. © Gracie K Harold 2015


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