Splintered or Smooth


"Wood Tent"

I like the unexpected beauty that emerges in the raw and even splintered reality above. The exposure of the wood’s grain lends a depth to what would otherwise be a stark contrast.

My heart has been hurt in the last few weeks. I have sought to not become bitter. What’s been exposed, though, as God gently works in my heart, is that I have a lot to learn about forgiveness.

There is a lot of begrudgingly forgiven areas in my life that are not yet fully given over to forgiveness, healing and blessing.

If my heart were truly committed to change, if my life was fully devoted to restoration, then the splinters of raw hurt would be smooth and soft…my heart would be a beautiful, grainy, polished shelter for others to seek out God’s love, restoration, healing, and fullness.

This post marks the beginning of my journey into forgiveness. My only disclaimer on this path follows: I am hurt by the painful journey through life that I have been on. Yet, even still, I know and rely on the Love that God has for me.  Today is my first step in allowing God, my Master, my Jesus to lead me on this healing pathway. My heart will be made whole, my spirit will be restored. My Saviour, my Jesus Christ, He will redeem my journey. He will restore what has been broken, He will renew what is exhausted. I yield to Him, and I live to worship him with my entire life, soul, heart, intellect, and body.
Join me if you’d like.
He is our humble healer.
Be loved. Be whole.


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