Letter to a Friend on WordPress

These words were a well-timed encouragement for me today. I hope that they will be that for you as well! Thank you Meghan!

Finding Hope's Sunshine

hugging women

As I looked through my Reader this morning I read a post from a friend who was going through a dark time in her life. I immediately wanted to tell her that she wasn’t alone. I enjoy reading her posts. You never know what kind of influence you have on others in this world. Most people go through life thinking that no one hears them. Well I spoke up today and told her that she mattered.

Today I want to share this letter that I sent her, with you too. My hopes are that if you are feeling lost and alone that it may touch your heart too. Know that you matter. Thank you for being my friend and helping me through my tough times. You are the greatest listeners ever.

My heart goes out to you my dear. I have felt very alone for many years, even though I am…

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