A birthday mix

antiquated mixer used by ancestors

antiquated mixer used by ancestors

Something is stirring in my soul.

It will take me a bit to fully understand and even embrace it.

Meanwhile, I will be focusing more on posting my photographs and images, and less on writing publicly until I can feel comfortable again with my thoughts and words.

Apologies ahead of time, but here’s fair warning that my heart requires me to step back

slightly until I know that things are being processed well.


today is the 17th year since my oldest daughter was miscarried.

The following is my birthday letter to her.

You have my permission to read it.

Thank you, dear readers, for your constant encouragement, acceptance, and friendship!

Love, Gracie

welcomed by light

welcomed by light

Happy Heaven day, Lilly!

We miss you!

Your existence and life and death have shaped me for the better in so many ways.

Although my tears have slowed over the years,

you are and will always be my firstborn daughter,

and your place in my heart is forever etched.

I love you, baby girl!

Thank you for welcoming our sweet baby Samuel to Heaven.

I know that you were next to Jesus as our little boy opened his eyes on that side of eternity.

It comforts me to know that he had such a warm reception.

You are forever in my mind as a sweet and inquisitive four year old who bounces everywhere instead of walking.

I am well aware that you have been gone for seventeen years, but somehow I feel certain that your childlike faith and innocence is very present.

As I continue to learn and be shaped here on earth, know that you are in my heart.

Know that I am striving to live every breath for God’s glory, by His grace, empowered by His love.

Know that my arms still ache to hold you at last.

Hug that precious baby boy of ours, as well as all of the dear beloved ones who have led the way into that “great cloud of witnesses” on your side of eternity.

You are so precious and loved, dear daughter.

We will see you when it’s time.

Until then, we hold you in our hearts.




2 thoughts on “A birthday mix

    • Thank you Dani. I used to marvel when others spoke of “the fellowship of suffering”. I think I am starting to understand it now. The pain may be horrific, but the gentleness and kindness of God coincides so sweetly in the journey. It’s almost like a painful beauty. (Hug) Gracie

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