Thankful Thursday

#PureMichigan icicles (c)Gracie K Harold 2015

#PureMichigan icicles (c)Gracie K Harold 2015

I am thankful for the beauty of Michigan winters, a fun new Nikon(R) camera, and the ability to photograph from inside a warm house on a sub-zero day!

What are you thankful for?

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4 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. I love this picture! All the blues in the icicles are wonderful. I also love winter weather…we haven’t gotten any yet this year. Probably will in February.
    I’m thankful that I’m finally feeling better after being sick since the day after Christmas. God was very good to me while I was sick and He is kind to make me better!

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  2. I love this image, Gracie. Oh, and what am I thankful for??

    I’m thankful for leading with heart. Sometimes it hurts to do so, but it’s a hurt that’s rooted in a compassionate desire for good, love and peace.

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