A few months ago, I was invited to join an international film project for bereaved mothers.  I was honored by the request.  I was also stretched way out of my comfort zone by the requirements.  I was challenged to have the word “sacred” placed on my belly as a statement that my body had held the sacred gift of life within it, that my two miscarried babies had been embraced by my body until they were embraced only by my heart.

I contacted a woman who lives locally, and asked if she would help me with the belly paint and photography.  She was honored that I would trust her to capture my grief.  James and I labored over a paint design that would be artistic, creative, and yet beautifully reveal our love for these two of our children.

The project revealed so many of my insecurities and unrealized fears.  It also served as a catalyst of strength, confidence, and healing.  The original photo that we submitted cannot be visibly seen during the poignant film of remembrance, but I did capture a screen shot of our babies’ names.  It is shown below, and is followed by the link for the project.  I also wanted to release the photos which were taken by Ella, as they resonate with me that even in grief, my body is a sacred place; a place that I believe was designed for the glory of my Creator.

Love, Gracie

screen shot of Lilly and Samuel

screen shot of Lilly and Samuel

The Sacred Project


6 thoughts on “Sacred

  1. That is incredibly powerful. My wife and I suffered a miscarriage with our first pregnancy, and being the guy, I never quite got the full impact of how she felt (you could almost say I was a jerk..). She still struggles with talking about it, so I can only imagine the strength you had to muster to share something like this. BZ.

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  2. Brave and beautiful. My parents had a miscarriage and even with four living siblings we always felt like someone was missing. One of my sisters has had two miscarriages, one on Mother’s Day. Lots and lots of tears. Three nieces/nephews I’ll never get to snuggle and one brother/sister I’ll never get to hug.

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    • Thank you for sharing your heart Abby. I am so sorry for your family’s losses. I will be praying for y’all this holiday season. I am sorry that you are part of the bereaved, but I deeply appreciate your companionship as we journey on and seek out beauty from the painful. (Hugs) Gracie

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