Thankful Thursday – Thanksgiving

(c)Gracie K. Harold 2014

“Focused on the reflection” (c)Gracie K. Harold 2014

Distractions come easily around the holidays.

Pain and grief can complicate everything as they blur our eyes.

Sometimes, we get so caught up in the one thing or even the one person that we want, or miss, or lost

that it’s almost as if we are chasing a reflection.

We forget what we have right here in front of us…in this moment.

"Light focus" (c)Gracie K Harold 2014

“Light focus” (c)Gracie K Harold 2014

We have a travel companion who knows the way through the grief journey.

He even calls himself “the Light of the world”

so we won’t be lost in the darkness of

grief and loss and pain.

He’s here.


Please know that I am praying for you sincerely if you are grieving this Holiday Season.

I don’t say that lightly.

My heart is full of care and concern for you all!

I am also grieving this season, even as I rejoice in the rich

blessings that I have.

My family and I are choosing to give thanks…even while we grieve.

There’s plenty of room…join us!

What are you thankful for?


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