A sneak peak into my (married) dating life

The kids were dropped off in a busy flurry on that Saturday morning.  James and I had gotten up extra early so that we could be dressed and ready by the time we brought the kids to their extra-curricular activity.  Success! We had no children for the next few hours, an almost-legally-binding-faux-contract that we would NOT run errands, discuss bills, worry, or take any cell phone calls; and we had already consumed most of our second cups of Simpatico coffee.

James had arranged a surprise for me; his father let me borrow his real life CANON camera!

(Can you hear me squeal as I type this?)

I do the majority of my blog pictures with my iPhone, and actually I have never been given the opportunity to go on a spontaneous photo shoot with a real camera.

James told me to pick our destination, and I picked the rustic wooden bridge in Zeeland, MI.  (Which is just a short drive from Holland, MI). The following collage shows some of  the shots that were captured…on my first ever authentic Canon photo shoot!  May they bring you comfort and joy!



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