Grief, Snow and a Covering

#GriefFood (c)GracieKHarold 2014

#GriefFood (c)GracieKHarold 2014

The tragic loss of our family friend this past weekend has me exhausted.

Grieving uses all resources of energy.

While we drove to the funeral, the snow fell as a vivid reminder that God sees us.

My friend LOVED the snow, and I even grew up with many fond memories of his snow antics.

The pastor mentioned that verse that talks about how “Though your sins are like scarlet, he washes them white as snow”.

The following was taken at a cemetery yesterday.

It’s a fitting reminder.

I’m grieving the tragic death of an incredibly caring, kind and fun-loving young man whose life impacted me for the better.

My grief is legitimate, my pain is palpable, and our loss is gaping.

It sucks but it’s okay.

It’s covered by a father who could have saved his son, but loved us so much that he didn’t.

I believe that there’s hope in my sadness because I believe in a Good Father, an Everlasting God, who lost his son in a tragic and unjust death.  The fact that death couldn’t conquer his son means that my friend has also followed that same path from death into eternal life.  One day, I will do the same.

Because of Christ, it’s covered. Purely covered.

#PureMIchigan #PureReminder "It's covered" (c)GracieKHarold 2014


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