Five Minute Friday :: long


I used to long for companionship, partnership, and the end to my loneliness.

I became an unexpected single mother, and my heart was left raw.

I had a false bravado in public in order to hide the deep shame that I felt immersed in.

For so long, I felt that the blame was mine.

For so long, I listened to the judgmental lies that were told to me in the name of “friendship”, “care”, or even “religion”.

Lies that I couldn’t get married again, lies that I somehow caused my current situation, lies that I deserved to be alone.

Eventually, the truth chased me down and I was surprised to see that a longing stirred within my soul.

A longing to be cherished, loved and protected.

One day, after a particularly hard and trying time, I prayed desperately, “God, why must I be hated?”

At the exact moment that I finished,

a brilliant rainbow broke through

and I was reminded that

He longs for me.

He promises never to remove His love from me.

My longings eventually found their rest in Him.

(c) Gracie K. Harold 2014

(c) Gracie K. Harold 2014



5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday :: long

  1. Oh this is so raw and real. Thank you for sharing your raw and real. Hugs to you. I love the last line:My longings eventually found their rest in Him. Because it is the process and journey!

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  2. Love it. It’s amazing, and kinda sad, how we long for friendship but look in all the wrong places. We would rather have the failing sinful friendships of man instead of the unfailing friendship of God. I’m thankful for his grace in your life and that you’re sharing it with us.

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