Thankful Thursday –

2014-08-22 19.49.21

(c)Gracie K. Harold 2014

Today I’m thankful for the adventure we had with four of our kiddos!  We had emailed the Detroit Tigers months ago, inquiring about a Peanut-Free suite.  Despite numerous attempts, we never heard back.  We took the Kids to a Lion’s Pre-Season Game instead, after securing an incredible deal on tickets.  David is anaphylaxic to airborne peanut allergens, so he used a face mask recommended by our allergist.

lions done

Allergy Mask (c)Gracie K. Harold 2014

The mask was on when we were about two blocks downwind from the stadium, and he wore it through the entire game until we had walked a few blocks away. The staff at the Lion’s Game were incredibly kind, professional and helpful!  The kids were completely amazed that we were there in real life!

James and I had packed snacks and make-your-own sandwiches, and that made our last “hurrah” of the summer affordable.

Even though the injured list is long, we will still devotedly watch our team!

After all, once a Lion’s fan, always a Lion’s fan!

What are you thankful for?   #ThankfulThursday


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