blue haze (c)Gracie K. Harold 2014

blue haze (c)Gracie K. Harold 2014

We went for a series of three short walks yesterday.  By “short” I mean that we alternated covering the distance between our front door and the corner; swapping out three of our kiddos in succession.  I did the equivalent of  3/4 of a block in walking.  This was followed by a pain pill not long after.  I vaguely remember falling asleep on James after he started a “007” movie.

I love “James Bond”, and am rather frustrated that I fell asleep for the first time ever to one of these brilliant creations!

I am told that the movie started around 7 pm.  I woke up with James’ alarm, started coffee, hugged him, and fell asleep again until 10 am.

I had every intention of showering, starting supper and organizing my bedroom for the upcoming surgery.  Instead, I have a sweatshirt over my pjs, and despite the two cups of coffee and vitamins, I am still groggy.

I am learning that resting is part of healing.

Once upon a time I knew this.

Recently, though I think that I have donned the “superwife, supermom, superfriend, superbusy, superwriter” cape, and I have failed to simply be.

So, to fix it; I am snuggling into my favorite blanket…and taking a nap.

May you rest well, and be fully refreshed as you endeavor to be fully present…wherever you are.

Love, Gracie.


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